Road studs DPT3

Road stud DPT3

  • A road stud designed for horizontal road marking.
  • Ensures enhanced visibility of the edges of a road, especially during night and rain
  • Glued to the surface of a road by polyurethane or bituminous adhesive
  • The body of the product is made of plastic of high mechanical impact resistance
  • The retro-reflector is designed to retain the longest possible product functionality. It is composed of independent chambers, so a failure of one them does not affect the operation of the other
  • The surface of the retro-reflector is protected by two layers – ceramic protective layer applied directly on the reflector, and mechanical layer protecting the reflecting surface against abrasion
  • The reflectivity is 450mcd/lux with viewing angle  0,2 degree and geometry +/- 5 degrees allows achieving the highest  reflectivity for this type of product
  • Highly perforated  bottom of the reflective element with high asperity assures  the best grip
  • The ergonomicdesign with a place for fingers enables quick and comfortable mounting on road
  • Patented manufacturing technology
  • R1- Class  product, after a year of operation, the product achieved 100% reflectivity demanded by the standard
  • Compliant with the harmonized standard EN 1463


  • Traffic Lanes- horizontal road markings
  • Arterial roads of medium intensity, motorways
  • Permanent and temporary road marking (yellow reflector)
  • Informing and guiding road users
Logo Type Item. No
White-White DPT3B/B
White-Red DPT3B/C
Red-Red DPT3C/C
White single sided DPT3B/-
Red single sided DPT3C/-
Yellow-Yellow DPT3Ż/Ż

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