Road studs with cast-iron body DPT3 LED

  • A road stud designed for horizontal road marking
  • The product comprises a  plough-resistant body mounted in the roadway into a milled hole having a diameter of 180 mm and a depth of 45 mm, and a replaceable DPT3 insert
  • The PEO insert is fitted with LED and solar cell, which absorbs sunlight in order to emit energy in the form of LED light
  • The product is additionally fitted with retro-reflectors located outside LEDs, which amplify the light effect, and are protected from wear off by two layers – ceramic and mechanical
  • The body of the product is made of plastic of high mechanical impact resistance
  • The product is additionally fitted with a 100F supercapacitator resistant to temperatures from -40°C, up to 65°C, which is placed at the bottom of the plough-resistant body (under the roadway), which ensures proper functioning even in most adverse conditions
  • Recommended for marking exceptionally dangerous areas on arterial and urban roads
  • Technically approved by Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw
  • The product complies with the requirements of the EN1463-1, EN 1463-2 standards (in terms of retro-reflectors and durability) and the Polish Technical Approval


  • Full charging time : approx. 2 hours (in full sun)
  • Full discharge time: approx. 60 hours (in complete darkness)
  • Reflectivity > 150 mcd/lux at geometry of -/+ degrees and the viewing angle of 0.3 degree
  • Supercapacitator life: 500 000 cycles
  • Tightness: IP 67
  • LED insert compression strength: <60kN
  • Body compression strength: <250kN
  • LED light visibility in traffic and with lights on in vehicles on: up to 500 m
  • LED light visibility in complete darkness: up to 1000 m 
  • Light stream angle: 30°
  • LED turning on: after sundown, when road illumination drops to 100 lux

Logo Type Item. No
Foto White-White DPT3LEDB/B
Foto White-Red DPT3LEDB/C
Foto Red-Red DPT3LEDC/C
Foto White single sided DPT3LEDB/-
Foto Red single sided DPT3LEDC/-
Foto Yellow-Yellow DPT3LEDŻ/Ż

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