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Introduce innovative clearance lamps to the international automotive market

Information about project:
DOBPLAST is a respected manufacturer of road and automotive lighting components, including: rear multifunctional lamps, reflectors for trailers, reflectors for road barriers and guide posts, road studs and bicycle reflectors. The company is an SME enterprise that is focused on supplying the market with high-quality automotive lighting equipment and accessories for car transporters, trailers,  semi-trailers and agricultural vehicles. Many years of experience in the lighting and plastic processing segment have allowed the company to develop high production standards that guarantee optimization of product quality.

The project relates to the start of production of an innovative clearance lamp with photoluminescent elements on a global scale, which responds to the identified needs of customers. The project represents the culmination of a process in the formula from idea to product.

Expected effects:

  • introduction to the market of an innovative product on a global scale;
  • increasing the scale of domestic and export sales;
  • creation of a minimum of 3 new workplaces.

Value of the project: 588 000,00 PLN
European Funds contribution: 499 800,00 PLN


Promotion of DOBPLAST's branded products internationally

Information about project:
DOBPLAST, while implementing this project, will carry out a series of promotional activities within the framework of the Automotive and Aerospace Parts Industry Promotion Program, in order to promote its own product brand, which is the production of lamps for the automotive segment, which has a chance to become a recognizable brand in foreign markets and contribute to the promotion of the Brand of Polish Economy abroad.

As part of the project, a number of promotional activities have been planned to attract new contractors and promote information about the DOBPLAST brand of automotive parts in the prospective market, which for the company is the Russian market.

Selected promotional activities:
I. Participation as an exhibitor in trade and exhibition events:
MIMS Automechanika; Moscow Russia; August 2018;
MIMS Automechanika; Moscow Russia; August 2019;
Automechanika Frankfurt, Germany; September 2018;
Automechanika Dubai, Dubai UAE; May 2019;
Autopromotec, Bologna, Italy; May 2019;

II. Purchase of consulting services in preparation for entry into the Russian market.
III. Organization of one inbound mission for representatives of the Russian market.

IV. Purchase of information and promotional materials.

V. Purchase of BPE (Brand of Polish Economy) promotional panel.

The implementation of the planned promotional activities will result in an increase in export sales revenues and the acquisition of new contacts with representatives of the Russian market. In addition, the promotion of the Polish product brand will affect the recognition and strengthening of BPE 's image in the world.

Project value: 343 100,00 PLN
Value of financing (contribution from European Funds): 257 325,00 PLN